Like all Hammond Organs the contacts do eventually need cleaning. This Organ was no exception and this was the job I was really not looking forward to.

I had seen an engineer twice clean contacts (or to put it correctly - the bus bars) and had done the job twice myself. Once on my original L100 and once on my then current M100. The thing that worried me was putting the bus bars back - the larger Hammonds bus bars were much longer! They bend easy and are very easy to kink. I was also warned that they might be so badly pot marked that I might have to buy new ones.

In the event it was the easiest job of the lot! It took me a couple of weeks to ‘Psych’ myself up for this job but it went very smoothly. I had already managed to get hold of some genuine Hammond cleaning paste but I only use this to smear on the bus bars before I replaced them. I used Dura Glit silver cleaner to remove all the nasty bits and it worked a treat. The one thing I did do though was to make myself a Jig (on wheels) where I could almost put the Organ on its end to ensure that the bus bars were virtually vertical when I started to thread them back in.

The Jig enabled me to work on all sides of the Organ and to maneuver it around to wherever it suited me. This must have been a sunny day since it looks like I decided to work outside for a change.
Look how nice and clean the keys are! We’re getting there - but slowly.


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Ron Chimes, Last Updated 21st February 2007